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Counseling parents and teens in both Israel and the US, my expertise is in family and youth counseling; addictions; behavior modification and communication.  My background in assessments and implementation of treatment plans include many aspects of effective problem-solving in all areas of challenge and conflict.

My style is comprehensive and

I utilize a holistic approach.

I address core issues with my clients and collaborate in reconciling unhealthy coping skills with effective lifestyle changes. I provide extensive psycho-education for both clients and loved ones.  Modifying behavior includes changes in cognition and recognizing “triggers” and internal dialogue.I am extremely knowledgeable in navigating Israeli systems and highly skilled in making appropriate outside referrals if needed. My degree is in creative therapies which I have used over the years to encourage youth to work with me.  The cover photo of my site displays one of my music projects called  "Sobar" where youth have the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment free of drugs and alcohol.  My certification is in addictions and juvenile delinquency. I initiated and wrote the parenting column for the Jerusalem Post for over two years and now have a blog for parents on Times of Israel. 

As a creative therapist in addition to my Sobar alcohol-free projects and events, I founded and ran a cultural program for Ethiopian Israeli youth. You can read more about the project and virtually meet my spectacular teens on my site

Upcoming projects include Jerusalem School of Rock and Drug-Free Nature parties. 

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